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a) something in a person'seye
b) somewhere far, far away
c) an apparatus
d) a type of hat

a) a cooking utensil
b) a huge boat
c) carrying a large load
d) having a runny nose

a) shocked by something you see or hear
b) deathly ill
c) a type of blanket
d) a cloudy day

a) a type of clothing worn at a wedding
b) a game like monopoly
c) to jump
d) to put money into something in hopes of getting more back

a) catching fish
b) a game that Native Americans played
c) to stumble or flail about
d) to drown

a) rugged and difficult to finish
b) a thin, watery soup
c) an expensive bicycle
d) a type of beetle

a) a sprain ankle
b) very upset
c) type of triangle
d) by oneself

a) strong perfume smell
b) more than enough
c) giant ogre
d) very angry

a) a soldier
b) a piece of road equipment
c) a vehicle
d) the way land in an area looks

a) danger
b) food
c) a skunk
d) punishment

a) a bad crack in the ice
b) torn clothing
c) dilapidated buildings
d) conditions look bad

a) loathing
b) held in great respect
c) extreme heat
d) spoiled food

a) a sudden climate change
b) slowly get use to conditions
c) tough terrain
d) a military group

a) a straight road
b) a chart with more than 4 quadrants
c) designed to go easily through air or water
d) a tremendous wind storm

a) jokingly
b) sincerely
c) hungrily
d) angrily

a) joking
b) sincere
c) hungry
d) arguing

a) to tease someone
b) to inspire someone
c) to save someone
d) to share with someone

a) never run out of something
b) too much
c) not enough
d) just the right amount

a) lagging behind
b) bright
c) average
d) extraordinary

a) top
b) bottom
c) middle
d) distance around

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