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Boundaries that follow a physical feature
a) landforms
b) mountain range
c) political boundaries
d) natural boundaries

The basic support systems needed, including power, communications, transportation, water, sanitation, etc
a) agriculture
b) infrastructure
c) interstate
d) develpment

Economic system based on the profit motive, private property and free enterprise
a) barter economy
b) capitalism
c) communism
d) socialism

Which is not one of the 5 major world religions?
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Animism

Moving out of an area/region into another area
a) emigration
b) immigration
c) innovation
d) demography

The statistics of a human population
a) psychology
b) culture
c) demographics
d) assimilation

Moving into an area/region from another area
a) refugee
b) emigration
c) nomadic
d) immigration

Knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and traditions shared by a group of people
a) clan
b) culture
c) assimilation
d) region

Low land between hills or mountains
a) plain
b) strait
c) valley
d) steppe

The general weather and conditions of a region
a) topography
b) projection
c) climate
d) climograph

Process where people of one culture merge into another culture
a) assimilation
b) conditioning
c) separation
d) animism

One of the seven major land masses on the earth
a) continent
b) country
c) latitude
d) region

Deals with production, distribution, and consumption of goods
a) sociology
b) geography
c) history
d) economics

A dry and sometimes barren region
a) peninsula
b) plain
c) prairie
d) desert

Basic rights held by all people
a) amendments
b) Human rights
c) grievances
d) liberties

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