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What was a major reason President Lyndon Johnson decided not to run for reelection in 1968?
a) He was ineligible to hold a third term as president
b) He was threated with impeachment for government scandals
c) His Vietnam War policies had reduced his popularity with voters.
d) Most Americans were unhappy with his failure to establish social reforms

The National Guard opened fire on student protestors in 1970 at which school
a) Kent State
b) Stanford
c) Wisconsin
d) Berkeley

The Berkeley demonstrations, riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and the Kent State protest all reflect student disapproval of
a) the Vietnam War
b) increases in college tuition
c) the unequal status of American women
d) racial segregation

Which statement about the Cuban Missile Crisis is most accurate?
a) The crisis showed that the United States and the Soviet Union could agree on total disarmament
b) The crisis brought the two major world powers very close to war
c) The United States wanted to establish missile sites in Cuban territory
d) The Communist government in Cuba was overthrown

Which item would be considered a primary source of historical information?
a) a textbook chapter about United States involvement in the Vietnam War
b) a drawing by a modern artist of the signing of the Declaration of Independence
c) a newspaper photography of the fighting during the Korean War
d) a recently written account of Abraham Lincoln's actions during the Civil War years

Protests against United States involvement in Vietnam grew in the late 1960s and early 1970s mainly because many Americans
a) believed that the war was unjust
b) objected to the drafting of college students
c) feared nuclear war with the Soviet Union
d) opposed participation in conflicts involving the United Nations

A constitutional issue that was frequently raised about United States involvement in the Korean conflict and the Vietnam conflict was the
a) right to regulate commerce with foreign nations
b) use of deficit spending to finance wars
c) lack of a formal declaration of war by Congress
d) Supreme Court's role in foreign policy decision making

One difference between World War II and the Vietnam War is that the Vietnam War
a) caused a significant amount of protest in the United States
b) involved direct armed conflict with China
c) was formally declared a war by Congress
d) was a decisive military victory for the United States

Which statement about United States involvement in the Vietnam War is accurate?
a) It came about only after a formal declaration of war
b) It was based on the Open Door policy
c) It was due exclusively to the actions of President Lyndon Johnson's administration
d) It reflected the belief in containment that followed World War II

Richard Nixon's plan of Vietnamization involved
a) end of all American activity in Vietnam
b) Transitioning from US troops to South Vietnamese troops for a slow pull-out
c) using naval support instead of the army to drive out the Vietcong
d) moving troops to neighboring Cambodia

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed in an effort to correct
a) racial discrimination
b) limitations on freedom of speech
c) unfair immigration quotas
d) segregation in the armed forces

The domino theory defended government action in Vietnam on the basis that
a) if Vietnam fell, all of Southeast Asia would be next
b) Vietnam was a central location for Soviet missiles
c) Vietnam was a central point for access to Australia
d) Soviets would see America as weak if they did not defend Vietnam

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