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Why is Ramona excited about the first day of school?
a) new dog
b) riding the bus
c) going to Howie's
d) taking Art classes

Why is the family short on money?
a) Mr. Quimby is going to college
b) Mrs. Quimby quit her job
c) The new school is expensive
d) The family's bills are increased

What present does Mr. Quimby give the girls?
a) lunch money
b) a new book
c) an eraser
d) a bike

What is Mr. Quimby hope his new job will become?
a) Checker at the Supermarket
b) Bus Driver
c) College Professor
d) Art Teacher

What name does Danny call Ramona?
a) Purple Cootie
b) Bigfoot
c) Superfoot
d) Dork

What animal does Ramona's teacher compare her name to?
a) dog
b) cat
c) whale
d) fish

Who is it hard for Ramona to get along with?
a) Mrs. Kemp
b) Sam
c) Howie
d) Willa Jean

Why does Ramona call Danny Yard Ape?
a) He took her seat on the bus
b) He took something from her
c) He kicked her seat
d) He stole her lunch

What does Ramona's teacher get on to her for?
a) Walking around the room
b) Yelling at Yardape
c) Talking too loudly
d) Squeaking her shoes

How old is Ramona ?
a) 7
b) 10
c) 9
d) 8

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