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What is the the largest fraction
a) 5/6
b) 1/3
c) 2/4
d) 4/5

Which number is a multiple of 4
a) 9
b) 16
c) 21
d) 22

How many states are there in the USA
a) 48
b) 49
c) 50
d) 13

what fraction is the decimal match 1/4
a) .20
b) .4
c) .5
d) .25

which is a verb
a) think
b) green
c) fun
d) silly

What word is spelled wrong
a) running
b) hunting
c) skiping
d) spiked

What is the factor pair for 24
a) 3,8
b) 2,6
c) 3,10
d) 5,3

How many colonies did USA start with
a) 12
b) 13
c) 50
d) 7

Who is the head of the executive branch
a) governor
b) senate
c) judicial
d) assembly

solve (2+3) X 8
a) 40
b) 26
c) 4
d) 13

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