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The quantity below the line in a fraction;it represents the number of equal parts into which a whole is divided.
a) Denominator
b) Rate
c) Percentage
d) Fraction

Their is not a whole number consists of a numerator and a denominator
a) Fraction
b) Similar Figures
c) Rate
d) Percentage

A statement in which two mathematical expressions are equal
a) Fraction
b) Percentage
c) Equation
d) Rate

Figures that have the same shape and may or may not have the same size
a) Rate
b) Proportion
c) Similar Figures
d) Ratio

A ratio comparing two numbers with different units
a) Rate
b) Orange Juice
c) Similar Figures
d) Ratio

A comparison of two numbers measured in the same units; often represented as a fraction
a) Small Figures
b) Fraction
c) Rate
d) Ratio

A number that is given percent of another number
a) Percentage
b) Ratio
c) Rate
d) Proportion

An equation showing that two ratio are equal
a) Proportion
b) Ratio
c) Small Figures
d) Rate

a) S
b) E
c) D
d) M

L . W. H
a) Prism
b) Area
c) Rectangle
d) Similes

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