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Which is not a main idea of Section 2?
a) The Zhou dynasty expanded China but then declined.
b) Political order broke down among dynasties.
c) Daoism and Legalism gained followers.

What is one thing the Zhou dynasty is known for?
a) They continued to expand territory throughout China.
b) They lasted longer than any other dynasty in Chinese history.
c) They believed in moral values for the family and leaders.
d) They were attacked by the Shang dynasty.

What did the mandate of heaven mean for Zhou kings?
a) It was a promise that the kings would be sent to heaven.
b) It made people follow the laws of heaven.
c) It gave power to the king and no one ruled without heaven's permission.
d) It allowed the lords to communicate with heaven.

Who was at the highest level in the Zhou political order?
a) kings
b) lords
c) peasants
d) military

What did the Zhou dynasty help to do for China at first?
a) It helped create jobs for farmers.
b) It helped bring order to China.
c) It helped China become more religious.
d) It helped China' s family structure.

Why did people begin to reject Zhou's authority?
a) None of these answers are correct.
b) Two of these answers are correct.
c) Local rulers gained power.
d) Lords passed their powers to their sons, who were less loyal to the king.

As loyalty to the king lessened, what happened as a result?
a) the king became more powerful
b) many refused to fight for the king
c) the Zhou rose to power
d) the peasants attacked the Shang dynasty

What is the time period called when people during the Zhou dynasty began to fight each other?
a) Warring States Period
b) War Period
c) Warren Statues Period
d) Wanting States Period

As problems developed, what began to change within China?
a) people's homes
b) religious beliefs
c) military support
d) the family structure

Why couldn't the rivalry between families be stopped?
a) Confucius thought it was good for the families.
b) The Shang dynasty encouraged it.
c) China lacked a strong government.
d) The families were too powerful.

What happened as a result of the Warring States period and the power struggle among families?
a) China fell into a period of disorder.
b) Confucius became king.
c) People began to leave China.
d) Families attacked the government.

Who is considered the most influential teacher in Chinese history?
a) Zhou
b) Laozi
c) Dao
d) Confucius

What did Confucius believe the Chinese needed to return to?
a) the Zhou dynasty
b) ethics
c) Hinduism
d) strict laws

According to Confucius, which of the following was NOT a basic guideline to restore family order?
a) fathers should display high moral values to inspire their families
b) children should respect and obey their parents
c) families should be punished for each other's actions
d) all family members should be loyal to each other

According to Confucius, which of the following was NOT a basic guideline to restore social harmony?
a) moral leadership brought order to China
b) A king should lead by example
c) Lower classes should learn by following the example of their superiors
d) strict laws should keep people in line

What is Confucianism?
a) a philosophical teaching
b) a religious teaching
c) None of these.
d) Two of these.

What does Daoism stress?
a) Living in harmony with each other
b) Living in harmony with the Dao
c) Living by the law
d) Living according to the beliefs of Mr. Dao

Which of the following is NOT a belief of Daoism?
a) People should avoid interfering with nature or each other
b) Humans are a part of nature, not better than any other thing
c) The king should play an active, involved role in society
d) The natural world is important

Which of the following is NOT a belief of Legalism?
a) people were bad by nature
b) people should live life freely and in a natural way
c) people needed to be controlled
d) strict laws are important

What does Legalism deal with?
a) Only family order
b) Both government and social control
c) Only social harmony
d) Both government and social harmony

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