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Which energy source is considered nonrenewable?
a) Moving water
b) Fossil fuel (coal, oil, and natural gas)
c) Wind
d) Biomass

The amount of which greenhouse gas in the air will increase the most if large forests are cut down to be used for building materials without planting new trees in their place?
a) Ozone
b) Methane
c) Water vapor
d) Carbon dioxide

Which energy source is considered nonrenewable?
a) Oil
b) Moving water
c) Sunlight
d) Biomass

Which sequence of energy transformations occurs after a battery-powered flashlight is turned on?
a) Electrical to light to chemical
b) Electrical to chemical to light
c) Chemical to light to electrical
d) Chemical to electrical to light

Which energy source is renewable?
a) Fuel oil
b) Natural gas
c) Wind
d) Coal

Many cars today are designed to get better gas mileage than those made in the past. This change resulted from a need to...
a) Recycle materials
b) Improve safety
c) Produce chemicals
d) Conserve resources

City administrators can encourage energy conservation by...
a) Lowering parking fees
b) Building larger parking lots
c) Decreasing the cost of gasoline
d) Lowering the cost of bu and subway fares

Which energy source is considered a nonrenewable resource?
a) Solar
b) Wind
c) Moving Water
d) Fossil Fuel (Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas)

Which factor contributes to global warming?
a) Increased use of solar-powered cars
b) Increased burning of fossil fuels
c) Better long-term weather forecasts
d) Changing distance between Earth and the Sun

Which statement best describes the energy changes that occur while a chile is riding on a sled down a steep, snow-covered hill?
a) Kinetic energy decreases and potential energy increases.
b) Kinetic energy increases and potential energy decreases.
c) Both potential and kinetic energy decrease.
d) Both potential and kinetic energy increase.

A lamp converts electrical energy to light energy. In addition to the light energy, much of this electrial energy is also converted to...
a) Mechanical energy
b) Chemical energy
c) Heat energy
d) Nuclear energy

Which energy source is considered non-renewable?
a) Solar energy
b) Fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas)
c) Geothermal power
d) Hydroelectric power

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