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To fight
a) bicker
b) repent
c) thrive
d) devour

to give a gentle push
a) rival
b) nudge
c) repent
d) primitive

To feel sorry
a) righteous
b) meddlesome
c) repent
d) repel

A silly or stupid mistake
a) blunder
b) imposter
c) gravely
d) coincidence

ANTONYM: to attract
a) lure
b) repel
c) extol
d) rival

ANTONYM: sophisticated, modern
a) primitive
b) prolong
c) bicker
d) bountiful

The plants ______________ in areas with lots of sunlight and water.
a) rampage
b) lure
c) bountiful
d) thrive

Having a Christian character can be seen when you do the ____________ thing even if nobody else is around.
a) righteous
b) primitive
c) thrive
d) meddlesome

Someone who pretents to be another
a) blunder
b) imposter
c) designate
d) extol

Don't ______________ the suspense; tell us the end of the story.
a) designate
b) lure
c) prolong
d) blunder

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