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The patellar tendon reflex is an example of
a) a monosynaptic reflex arc
b) a polysynaptic reflex arc
c) cerebellar response mediation
d) a contralateral reflex

the skeletal system is divided into two main sections
a) axial and appendicular
b) medial and lateral
c) central and peripheral
d) inferior and superior

the first part of the small intestine, just past the pyloric sphincter, is the
a) duodenum
b) jejunum
c) conundrum
d) illeum

the relatively fixed point of attachment for a muscle is the
a) origin
b) insertion
c) genesis
d) anchor

the rib cage is better known as the
a) thoracic cage
b) jurassic cage
c) pericardial cage
d) pleural cage

divergence in a neuronal pool is when a neuron
a) sends axons to multiple neurons
b) divides to form 2 new ones
c) changes into a glial cell
d) receives axons from multiple neurons

the general function of the pectoral and pelvic girdles is to anchor the ___ to the ____
a) appendages, axial skeleton
b) skull, spine
c) spine, pelvis
d) ribs, spine

the pelvic girdle consists of the
a) coxae, sacrum, and coxxyx
b) scapulae and clavicles
c) ribs and sternum
d) axis and atlas

the pectoral girdle consists of the
a) scapulae and clavicles
b) coxae, sacrum, and coxxyx
c) ribs and sternum
d) axis and atlas

bile is stored in the
a) gall bladder
b) pancreas
c) stomach
d) spleen

the sudden influx of sodium into the inside of a neuron results in a change in voltage known as
a) depolarization
b) fluctuation
c) repolarization
d) salt overload

the most common type of joint in the human body is the
a) synovial joint
b) hinge joint
c) gliding joint
d) ball and socket joint

skeletal muscle is under ___________ control
a) voluntary
b) involuntary
c) government
d) total

moving a part of the body away is
a) abduction
b) adduction
c) circumduction
d) eversion

largest bone in the human body
a) humerus
b) femur
c) pelvis
d) spine

largest muscle in the human body
a) gluteus maximus
b) triceps brachii
c) adductor longus
d) psoas major

longest nerve in the human body
a) sciatic
b) vagus
c) occulomotor
d) phrenic

largest organ in the human body
a) skin
b) brain
c) large intestine
d) liver

largest chamber in the human heart
a) left ventricle
b) right ventricle
c) right atrium
d) left atrium

intervertebral discs are made of
a) fibrocartilage
b) areolar tissue
c) serous membranes
d) osteodendrocytes

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