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Based on its Greek origins, the word Anatomy literally means
a) to study the body
b) to color the body orange
c) to cut things up
d) without birth

The anatomy of a body part is related to its
a) History
b) Size
c) Physiology
d) Color

The shaft part of a long bone is technically referred to as the
a) epiphysis
b) diaphysis
c) triaphysis
d) infundibulum

the two primary types of CELL, as in type of cells, in the nervous system are
a) motor and sensory
b) autonomic and somatic
c) neuron and glial
d) dendrites and axons

at the end of each long bone are expanded portions called
a) epiphysis
b) diaphysis
c) infundibulum
d) head

the organs of the nervous system are divided into two classes based on LOCATION
a) central and peripheral
b) autonomic and somatic
c) sympathetic and parasympathetic
d) motor and sensory

the force of a muscle contraction depends on the __________ rather than the amplitude of the stimulus
a) frequency
b) attitude
c) strength
d) size

where long bones articulate with other bones, the epiphysis is covered with
a) articular cartilage
b) ossicles
c) medullary peduncle
d) loose connective tissue

depolarization in myelinated neurons occurs mostly at the
a) nodes of ranvier
b) tips of the dendrites
c) terminal bouton
d) schwann cells

the outer surface of a long bone is covered with a tough, vascular, etc tissues called the
a) periosteum
b) endosteum
c) epiosteum
d) osteoclad

The paired organs known as _________ removed nitrogenous waste from the blood
a) Vas Deferens
b) Kidney
c) Liver
d) Spleen

the walls of the diaphysis are mainly made of dense ___________, or cortical bone
a) compact
b) spongy
c) connective
d) cancellous

the spaces of the epiphyses are mostly made of porous spongy or ____________ bone
a) cancellous
b) cartilaginous
c) compact
d) connective

involuntary control is carried out by the _________ nervous system
a) autonomic
b) central
c) peripheral
d) somatic

the kind of energy that muscles use to contract is
a) chemical
b) thermal
c) electrical
d) acoustic

a thin layer of tissues, the _________, line the hollow medullary cavity inside bones
a) endosteum
b) periosteum
c) subosteum
d) epiosteum

the energy used by contracting muscles comes from
a) the decomposition of ATP
b) a calcium gradient
c) pyrocarboxyl bonds in carbohydrates
d) diapason induction

digestive enzymes are secreted into the small intestine by the
a) pancreas
b) spleen
c) mesentary
d) duodenum

the main cell of bone tissue is the
a) osteocyte
b) condrocyte
c) lacunae
d) canaliculus

the time between nerve stimulus and muscle response is the __________ period
a) latent
b) contraction
c) refractory
d) compensatory

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