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Any shape, image, or text that can be moved, scaled, or edited
a) Object
b) item
c) entity
d) thing

____ path - one or more paths for which the start point and end point are not the same
a) Closed
b) Open
c) Asymetrical
d) oblong

The number of pixels in one inch. More pixels equals high quality.
a) PIP
b) PPI
c) DDI
d) DPI

Made up of one or more line segments, connected by two or more anchor points or nodes
a) Path
b) Selection
c) Line
d) Graphic

A repeated decorative design.
a) Reused´╗┐
b) Tiled
c) Mirrored
d) Pattern

___ tool uses anchor points and paths
a) Line
b) Path
c) Selection
d) Marquee

A unit of measurement for lines of type with one equals to 1/6 of an inch
a) Pixel
b) Centimeter
d) Point

Represents one dot that is illuminated on a computer screen, many of which make up images
a) Pixel
c) Inch
d) Pair

The standard unit of measure for typefaces.
a) Font Size
b) Points
c) Em
d) Pixels

How easily files are opened, modified, and viewed between different software and browsers
a) Usability
b) Shareability
c) Portability
d) Feasibility

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