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Jpeg stands for Joint Photographic ____ Group
a) Exchange
b) Effects
c) Experts
d) Eclipse

To put a color, gradient, or pattern into an object.
a) Paint Bucket
b) Fill
c) Stroke
d) Color

Filling an object with a smooth transition from one color to another.
a) Shade
b) Tint
c) Gradient
d) Modify

Anything on a page that is not actual text
a) Image
b) Picture
c) Line
d) Graphic

Industry standard for vector graphics. Adobe ____
a) Photoshop
b) Dreamweaver
c) Flash
d) Illustrator

The standard unit of measurement for U.S. standard size papers
a) Inches
b) Miles
c) Centimeters
d) Hands

GIF stand for Graphics ____ Format
a) Infrastructure
b) Integrity
c) Interchange
d) Indubitable

Compiling multiple pictures or objects together into one image.
a) Piling
b) Layering
c) Stacking
d) Pancaking

An open ended path with two anchor points, which included straight, beziers, and spirals
a) Shapes
b) Curves
c) Lines
d) Text

Microsoft created format for raster and vector WMF. Windows _______
a) MetLife
b) Metafile
c) MetaForm
d) MetLift

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