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What does a map key tell you
a) Table of symbols used on a map or chart
b) Colors on a map
c) Popcorn
d) Bubbles

To keep oil prices steady, they _____ how much oil they will sell.
a) Check on
b) Save
c) Regulate
d) Balance

What is a example of a nonrenewable resource?
a) Trees
b) Roads
c) Oil
d) Candy

What is a example of a renewable resource?
a) Trees
b) Bracelet
c) Clothing
d) Air

What is a ethnic group?
a) Community or population made up of people that share the same background
b) When people speak the same language
c) Social people
d) When people go by different laws

What is a distribution?
a) Separating people according to race
b) Different groups of people
c) When you have crude oil
d) The way people or things are spread out over an area or space

Definition of segregation is....
a) A ethnic group
b) Direction on a map with direction on earth
c) Separates one group of people from each other by race
d) The longitude and latitude of a place

Europe is mainly rural or urban?
a) Rural
b) Urban
c) A country
d) Continent

What is Europe?
a) Continent
b) Barrier
c) EU flag
d) Ethnic group

A poorer country with less advanced economy is
a) GDP
b) Developing country
c) Consumption
d) Developed country

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