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Who kills the dragon in Part 3?
a) Beowulf’s soldiers
b) Wiglaf
c) Beowulf
d) Beowulf and a soldier

Why can’t Beowulf’s men help him fight Grendel in the palace?
a) They are scared of him
b) Grendel kills them all
c) They are asleep
d) They've been banned from Heorot

What happens after the fight between Grendel and Beowulf in the palace?
a) He cuts his arm and Grendel runs away
b) He cuts his arm and Grendel dies
c) Beowulf isn’t able to defeat Grendel
d) He is taken by a dragon

What happens after Beowulf kills the monsters in Daneland?
a) He returns to Geatsland and lives a normal life
b) He stays in Daneland
c) He returns to Geatsland and becomes King.
d) He dies of old age

How do Beowulf’s men feel about having to fight Grendel’s mother?
a) They are scared and don’t want to fight her
b) They want to go help Beowulf kill her
c) They want to go at first, but when they see her, they change their mind.
d) They worry about spending so much time underwater

Where is Beowulf from?
a) Geatsland
b) Daneland
c) Scotland
d) Erendele

Why is Beowulf initially so important in his land?
a) He has muscle
b) He has powerful family
c) He is nice to people
d) None of the above

How did Beowulf hear about Grendel?
a) His uncle Hygelac told him at the party.
b) A woman that played the drum told Beowulf.
c) A man from Danelan came to Hygelac's party and told everyone.
d) A wandering minstrel sang of it

How many men were to travel with Beowulf on his journey?
a) 13
b) 10
c) 15
d) 20

How is Danleand different from Geatsland?
a) They speak different languages.
b) Everyone is terrified in Daneland, but not Geatsland
c) Everyone is terrified in Geatsland, but notDaneland
d) The solders are all old and weak; the young have died

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