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Who were the three boys that survived the accident?
a) Andy, Kevin, Tyrone
b) Tyrone, Jimir, Kevin
c) Tyrone, B.J., Gerald
d) Andy, Tyrone, B.J

What play is Andy’s English class studying when he gets up and leaves class upset?
a) Othello
b) Romeo and Juliet
c) Macbeth
d) A MidSummer Night's Dream

What did Rob's mom always tell Andy to come pick up at Christmas?
a) A Laker's hat
b) A rock
c) A Bull's t-shirt
d) A sweater

What is Andy's sentence for the accident?
a) 1 year probation
b) Life imprisonment
c) 300 hours community service
d) Suspended sentence, driver's license revoked until the age of 21, alcohol rehab classes

How did Robert Washington die in the opening pages of the novel?
a) He was burned to death in a car accident.
b) He died of a heart attack while playing basketball.
c) He died of severe case of the flu.
d) He died of alcohol poisoning.

Why does Gerald dislike the $5 bill?
a) It reminds him of his mother that has left the family.
b) It reminds him of the cost of alcohol.
c) It reminds him of the beatings by his father.
d) It reminds him that he is poor and hungry.

In Andy's dream, Rob asks Andy to
a) give up basketball.
b) get over the accident and move on in life.
c) pray for Rob.
d) die so he could keep Rob company.

What did someone call Andy when he returned to school after the accident?
a) Hero
b) Mad Dog
c) Killer
d) Saint

After Rob dies, Andy becomes one of the basketball team's star
a) Strategist
b) Forward
c) Guard
d) Center

Who surprises Andy by showing up at a basketball game soon after the crash?
a) Andy's mom
b) Rob's parents
c) Andy's psychologist
d) Keisha

Andy's father works for which company?
a) Youthville Foundation
b) Ford Motor Company
c) Proctor and Gamble
d) Owens Corning

After the crash, B.J. becomes
a) religious
b) withdrawn
c) optimistic
d) completely numb

Who is Andy's girlfriend?
a) Rhonda
b) Saundra
c) Keisha
d) Mary Alice

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