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Which newspaper was created when the Arkansas Gazette and the Arkansas Democrat merged?
a) the Arkansas-Gazette
b) the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
c) the Jonesboro Sun
d) the Times Dispatch

Who is the only Arkansan to ever become President of the United States?
a) Bill Clinton
b) Mike Huckabee
c) Winthrop Rockefeller
d) Orval Faubus

Which Arkansan was the only female civil rights leader asked to speak at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington?
a) Harriet Tubman
b) Maya Angelou
c) Daisy Bates
d) Hattie Caraway

Which Arkansas governor posted the Arkansas National Guard around Central High in Little Rock to prevent it from integrating?
a) Jeff Davis
b) Orval Faubus
c) Winthrop Rockefeller
d) J William Fulbright

Where were the two Japanese relocation camps in Arkansas located?
a) Jerome and Rowher
b) Jonesboro and Portia
c) Little Rock and Conway
d) Hot Springs and Fort Smith

Which of the following was NOT a way that Arkansans supported the war effort from home during WWII?
a) planting victory gardens
b) building rocket ships
c) rationing
d) buying war bonds

With so many men gone from the state’s labor force during World War II, women filled the jobs previously available only to men?

Where did a number of soldiers receive their training at in Arkansas for World War II?
a) Camp Robinson
b) Fort Chaffee
c) Both A and B
d) none of the above

Who was Hattie Caraway?
a) an African American civil rights leader
b) the first woman to be elected to the U.S. senate
c) the first woman governor of Arkansas
d) the first president of the Women's Christian Temperance Union

Which of the following was NOT a New Deal program that helped Arkansans get jobs and basic needs during the Great Depression?
a) the Jim Crow Agency
b) the Federal Ermegency Relief Adminsitration (FERA)
c) Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
d) Works Progress Administration (WPA)

Near which southern town did the first big oil discovery in Arkansas happen?
a) Newport
b) El Dorado
c) Hot Springs
d) Jonesboro

What happened to Arkansas in 1927?
a) a huge earthquake
b) a devastating flood
c) the Civil War
d) the Dust Bowl

Who was Scipio Jones?
a) the president of the Freedmen's Bureau after the Civil War
b) a former slave who tried to sue for his freedom
c) the first black representative to be elected to the Arkansas Senate
d) a black lawyer who successfuly defended 12 black men who were falsely convicted of murder after the Elaine riots

Which Arkansas governor ended the Convict Lease System by pardoning 360 state prisoners so there would not be enough prisoners to lease out?
a) James Miller
b) Henry Conway
c) George Donaghey
d) Jeff Davis

Which two industries emerged in Arkansas during the late 1800s?
a) manufacturing and textile
b) timber and mining
c) fishing and farming
d) military and railroad

The Seperate Coach Bill was the first Jim Crow law passed in Arkansas that required trains to stop segregating white and black passengers.

After Reconstruction, although African Americans had more freedoms than ever before, they still battled, poverty, abuse, and discrimination.

How did the Civil War affect Arkansas?
a) it made Arkansas into a wealthy state
b) it created new railroads throughout the state
c) it left much of the state in ruins
d) it created new job opportunities throghout the state

What was the period following the Civil War known as?
a) Segregation
b) Jim Crow era
c) Reconstruction
d) the Golden Age

Who were the Little Rock Nine?
a) the nine black students chosen to integrate the all-white Central High in Little Rock
b) nine infamous outlaws from Little Rock
c) the nine Arkansas governors from Little Rock
d) a minor league baseball team that played in Little Rock

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