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The ancient super continent that existed about 250 million years ago is called ____________.
a) Pangea
b) Continental Drift
c) Saturn
d) North American Plate

The continental crust floats ____________________ in the mantle than the oceanic crust.
a) lower
b) higher
c) faster
d) slower

The process by which new ocean floor is created and causes the continents to “drift” is:
a) Subduction
b) Sea-floor spreading
c) Convection
d) Converging

S-waves travel ____________________ than P-waves
a) faster
b) same rate
c) higher
d) slower

Which is the most dense layer of the Earth?
a) Continental crust
b) Oceanic crust
c) Lithosphere
d) Core

Older lithosphere plates are cooler plates, and therefore ____ than young plates.
a) more dense
b) less dense
c) larger
d) smaller

S-waves are able to pass through:
a) liquids and gases.
b) solids and gases.
c) solids and liquids.
d) solids, liquids, and gases.

Which of the following is the correct order for the layers of Earth from coolest temperature to warmest temperature?
a) Crust, mantle, core
b) Mantle, crust, core
c) Core, mantle, crust
d) Mantle, core, crust

About how far is it from Earth’s surface to its center?
a) 6.4 km
b) 64 km
c) 640 km
d) 6,400 km

Vibrations that travel through Earth’s interior are known as:
a) crust waves.
b) earthquake waves.
c) seismic waves.
d) shock waves.

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