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Which culture had the greatest influence on the way Texas cowboys worked on the cattle range?
a) Spanish
b) American
c) French
d) German

The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments all dealt with rights for what group of people?
a) Former slaves
b) Women
c) Children
d) White men

What decade did the Great Depression occur during?
a) 1930s
b) 1920s
c) 1940s
d) 1950s

True or False: Texas has a diverse culture with influences from around the world?
a) True
b) False

Which of the following is not a result of the Great Depression?
a) Stock revenue grew
b) Banks failed
c) Many businesses went bankrupt
d) Many people lost their jobs

What was an economic reason ranchers took their cattle north to market?
a) Cattle sold for a higher price in the north.
b) No one in Texas wanted beef.
c) It was illegal to sell cows in Texas.
d) The cows needed the exercise.

How did World War II impact the Texas economy?
a) It expanded beyond just oil and agriculture.
b) It remained focused on oil and agriculture.
c) Texas ran out of oil.
d) Texas became focused on only agriculture.

How did the Dust Bowl impact Texas?
a) Many farmers left the area.
b) Many farmers moved to the area.
c) The Dust Bowl did not impact Texas.
d) The Dust Bowl helped Texas win Independence.

Which one of the following is not something Lyndon B. Johnson accomplished during his presidency?
a) End the Cold War
b) Increased troops in Vietnam
c) Signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964
d) Created the Great Society

What did the 13th Amendment achieve?
a) Freed the slaves
b) Gave former slaves citizenship
c) Gave African American men the right to vote
d) Gave women the right to vote

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