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During the War of 1812, what United States’ city was the site of a major battle fought after the war’s end had already been declared through the Treaty of Ghent?
a) New York City
b) Philadelphia
c) New Orleans
d) Boston

The practice of forcing foreign sailors into a country’s military service, which the British Practiced regularly in the early 1800s, was called what?
a) Mutiny
b) impressment
c) Hijacking
d) piracy

While President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson authorized the purchase of the __________ from France in 1803.
a) Louisiana Territory
b) Oregon Territory
c) Florida
d) Georgia

Before he left office, President Madison appointed some judges to the Supreme Court at the last minute. These appointment papers were not delivered in time and someone sued a judge. This Supreme Court is known as_____________.
a) Madison v. Jefferson
b) Marbury v. Madison
c) Madison v. Madison
d) Madison v. Marshall

The __________ wanted a strong national government and believed that there should be a strict interpretation of the Constitution.
a) Republicans
b) Federalists
c) Common Sense
d) Olive Branch Petition

Under the separation of powers specified by the U.S. Constitution, the national government is divided into the legislative, judicial, and __________ branches.
a) Democratic
b) Federal
c) Republican
d) Executive

What historical U.S. document was ratified in 1791, composed of ten amendments, protected individual rights from government abuses, and was part of the United States Constitution?
a) Federalists
b) Bill of Rights
c) Democratic-Republicans
d) Democrats

Who was the leader of the Continental Army?
a) Patriots
b) George Washington
c) Lord Cornwallis
d) Puritans

In President Washington’s famous Farewell Address, he warned the America people against permanent alliances, sectionalism, and political parties. Why did President Washington warn the American people against politi
a) President Washington did not like attending parties.
b) President Washington did not think they were strong enough.
c) C. President Washington though these would divide the nation.
d) President Washington thought they were to powerful.

The French and Indian War had many consequences. Which of the following is a consequence England faced as a result of the French and Indian War?
a) Religious freedom
b) Equality
c) Debt
d) Salutary Neglect

The Battles of Lexington and Concord became known as ______________?
a) Treaty of Paris
b) Salutary neglec
c) Boston Massacre
d) The Shot Heard Around the World

What was the function of the Mayflower Compact of 1620?
a) Stated that America was now its own country. It also listed the reasons why England no longer had the right to be in charge
b) Said that the colonists could not settle past the Appalachian Mountains.
c) An agreement between the Puritans that listed the rules for how they wanted to live. It gave all people a say about the deci
d) Meant that the colonies would not pay taxes unless they had a say in which taxes they should pay.

The original colonies were organized into which of the following three regions?
a) Upper, middle, lower
b) Eastern, Western, Southern
c) Northern, middle, Southern
d) Top, middle, bottom

Which of the following is an example of cultural diffusion?
a) Elephants in a circus
b) Flowers growing in a field
c) Eating ice cream after dinner
d) McDonalds in England

A compass helps explorers determine
a) Weight
b) Mass
c) direction
d) heigth

Which word means to travel to an unfamiliar area in order to learn more about the place?
a) Exploration
b) Colonies
c) Colonization
d) Continents

Which of the following countries did NOT explore the Americas during the Age of Exploration?
a) Russia
b) Portugal
c) England
d) Spain

_____1. The Triangle Trade route included which of the following areas?
a) Canada, America, Mexico
b) Africa, Asia, Canada
c) Europe, Africa, Americas
d) Europe, Asia, Canada

The Star-Spangled Banner was written by
a) Andrew Jackson
b) James Madison
c) Francis Scott Key
d) William Henry Harrison

During the invasion of Washington, DC, who set fire to the White House and capitol?
a) Shawnee Indians
b) French
c) Creek Indians
d) British

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