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How an image is saved in order to reduce the file size
a) Depression
b) Succession
c) Compression
d) Ingestion

Removing Part of an image
a) Cutting
b) Erasing
c) Hiding
d) Cropping

Number of colors and image can hold.
a) Color Depth
b) Color Capacity
c) Color Storage
d) Color Strength

___ selection tool - selects individual anchor points or paths in order to edit them.
a) Single
b) Direct
c) Indirect
d) Anchor

PDF stands for....
a) Portable Direct Format
b) Pixelated Document Form
c) Portable Document Format
d) Pixels Decompressed Format

The number of dots of ink or toner per inch on a printed image.
a) DPI
b) PPI
c) DIP
d) PIP

Vector images are edited in ____ Programs
a) Bitmap
b) Editing
c) Drawing
d) Photoshop

Vector ___ are commands that can be applied to an object.
a) Effects
b) Mods
c) Changes
d) Filters

__ space - refers to the size of a capital letter “M” for the current font
a) M
b) EM
c) ME
d) N

Most common interchange format for the print industry: EPS. _____ Postscript
a) Effect
b) Enterchange
c) Encapsulated
d) Expert

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