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What is a biography?
a) A fictional story
b) A story about your own life.
c) A written story of a person’s life

I stayed up past my bed time on a school night so the next day I fell asleep during math. What is the cause in this sentence?
a) I stayed up past my bed time
b) This is not a cause and effect sentence
c) The next day I fell asleep

The result of something happening after an event occurs is called the _____ .
a) contrast
b) cause
c) effect

David Green is a man who works at a zoo. He helps train the animals for shows. He mostly works with chimps, tigers, and lions. He is a great trainer. David was working with a tiger to teach it how to jump through a ring of fire. Two days later t
a) The tiger jumped out.
b) David forgot to lock the gate
c) The tiger got out.

Frank Jones is a man who loves to go fishing. One Saturday afternoon Frank went fishing and caught a humongous fish. However, it got away because he didn't tie the string tight enough and it broke.
a) The hook broke.
b) The fish got away
c) The string wasn't tight enough and it broke.

All of the following are examples of _______________. can’t, I’m, won’t, they’re
a) a contraction
b) an interjection
c) a preposition

Tammy was in her backyard climbing a tree. She climbed to the middle part of the tree. Before she knew what had happened, bees were swarming all around and over her. Tammy let out a blood curdling yell.
a) Bees stung her
b) the bees made honey
c) The nest fell.

When two words are combined using an apostrophe, we call it _______
a) an interjection
b) a contraction
c) a preposition

Stories are sometimes referred to as__________.
a) songs
b) narratives
c) quips

Choose which point of view applies to the following: He wanted to be the first person at the amusement park on opening day.
a) first person
b) third person

Choose which point of view applies to the following: It was obvious to my parents that I wanted to go, but they said I would have to wait until next time.
a) First person
b) Third Person

In the classic story Pinocchio, if Pinocchio lies, his nose grows. What is the theme of this story?
a) Pinocchio’s nose grows
b) Lying is bad
c) Puppets cannot be real boys

The ________ is the author’s message and is usually a statement about life.
a) topic
b) subject
c) theme

In To Kill a Mockingbird, which character is symbolized by the mockingbird?
a) Mayella Ewell
b) Tom Robinson
c) Atticus Finch

____ 21. What does the mockingbird symbolize in To Kill a Mockingbird?
a) guilt
b) innocence
c) freedom

What item should NOT be included in a good biography?
a) Bring the person to life.
b) Unrelated facts and details.
c) Make us care about him/her.

Who writes a biography?
a) Someone other than the person who the story is about.
b) The person whom the story is about.
c) No one

Information that might appear in a biography includes
a) The person’s goals in life
b) The person’s accomplishments
c) Both A and B

An autobiography is a story written by an author about
a) his/her own life
b) a fictional character’s life
c) someone else’s live

____ 40. An autobiography’s introduction usually includes
a) the person’s goals in life
b) the person’s ambitions
c) when and where the person was born

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