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Horizontal space between pairs of letters.
a) Kerning
b) Tracking
c) Spacing
d) Wording

Horizontal space between all characters.
a) Kerning
b) Wrapping
c) Treking
d) Tracking

Illustrations and photographs used to convey meaning and add appeal.
a) Memes
b) Graphics
c) GIFs
d) Captions

A print effect in which a color or an object appears to run off the edge of a page.
a) Bleed
b) Run Off
c) Edger
d) Drip

Brief descriptive text, usuallyplaced near an image
a) Narrative
b) Caption
c) Body
d) Pull Quote

An enlarged character at the beginning of a paragraph that drops below the line of text.
a) Mass
b) Bold
c) Lower Cap
d) Dropped Cap

Quotation taken directly from the body of the article used to draw attention.
a) Pull Quote
b) Nameplate
c) Heading
d) Runner

Smaller, self-contained story along side a larger story
a) Scroll Bar
b) Sidebar
c) Story Bar
d) Salad Bar

A symbol used to indicate the endof an article or news item
a) Marky Mark
b) Stop Mark
c) Writer's Mark
d) End Mark

Banner on the front of a document that identifies the publication
a) Title
b) Nameplate
c) Headline
d) ID Line

Main title of an article, usually set in a larger font.
a) Headline
b) Sub Heading
c) Title
d) Look at me!!!!!

Gives credit to the author
a) Signature
b) Reference
c) Autograph
d) Byline

Words positionedabove a headline, usually as a lead in or teaser
a) Kicker
b) Footer
c) Header
d) Runner

Placed between a headline and anarticle to provide a segue
a) Dock
b) Deck
c) Door
d) Draw

Tells readers which page to refer to for the continuation of an article.
a) Continue line
b) Go Line
c) By Line
d) Jumpline

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