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The style, arrangement, and appearance of text in a design.
a) Typography
b) Type Design
c) Typology
d) Type Writer

The basic design of a character.
a) Typeface
b) Type Design
c) Typist
d) Type Cast

Strokes/attributes at the tips of the letters.
a) Tabs
b) Slabs
c) Serifs
d) Ticks

Without strokes/attributes at the tips of the letters.
a) Sands Serif
b) Sans Serif
c) Sans Serif
d) Sans Tips

Decorative/eyecatching types
a) Festive
b) Ornamental
c) Script
d) Bold

Typeface designed to look like hand writing.
a) Script
b) Wavy
c) Calligraphy
d) Penmanship

Well used for printed materials such as books, and the body text of articles.
a) Serif
b) Sans Serif
c) Ornamental
d) Script

Well used for digital designs.
a) Serif
b) Sans Serif
c) Ornamental
d) Script

Well used for formal invitations, and poetry
a) Serif
b) Sans Serif
c) Ornamental
d) Script

Well used for decorationandposter design
a) Ornamental
b) Script
c) Sans Serif
d) Serif

Each character takes up the same amount of horizontal space
a) Monospaced
b) Proportional
c) Relative Spaced
d) Equal spaced

The amount of horizontal space each character takes up varies.
a) Varied Spaced
b) Equal Spaced
c) Monospace
d) Proportional

Arrangement of text in a graduated series
a) Typography
b) Visual Hierarchy
c) Text Layout
d) Words and things

Choosing two fonts that work well with each other in order to convey your message.
a) Font Sharing
b) Font Coupling
c) Font Pairing
d) Font Fonting

Vertical spacing between lines of text.
a) Spacing
b) Leading
c) Heigth
d) Tall Text

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