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Julius Caesar was able to gain control of Rome after he was
a) elected governor by the citizens
b) able to conquer the Persians
c) victorious in conquering Gaul
d) appointed by Octavian

The Latin word for the phrase, I forbid it.
a) consul
b) veto
c) dictator
d) province

An ordinary citizen in the ancient Roman Republic
a) mercenary
b) patrician
c) plebeian
d) disciple

The majority of Roman citizens were
a) unemployed
b) wealthy
c) farmers
d) merchants

In ancient Rome, most people lived
a) in tents
b) on farms
c) in villas
d) in poor housing

Augustus was able to gain much power because
a) he made himself dictator
b) the conquered people threatened to revolt
c) he threatened to destroy the Republic
d) of Rome's peace and prosperity

Rome's geographic setting was important because
a) strong winds brought spring rains to the land
b) it was surrounded by desert to protect from invasion
c) its position was central to Italy and the western world
d) farmers depended on yearly flooding to plant crops

If two Roman consuls disagreed, Roman law provided for
a) the appointment of a dictator
b) the election of a king
c) the crowning of an emporer
d) the appointment of a general

The Roman emperors gave free grain to the poor
a) whenever they had a surplus
b) whenever they were unemployed
c) because the law required it
d) to prevent riots when the harvest was poor

Most of all, Romans placed great emphasis on
a) military achievements
b) family life
c) religious intolerance
d) freedom for their slaves

Under Constantine's rule, the Roman Empire
a) did not persecute Christians
b) collapsed
c) was divided into two parts
d) was intolerant of all religions

As long as the conquered people lived peacefully, they were
a) strictly ruled by Roman generals
b) not allowed to follow their religion
c) left alone by Roman governors
d) exempt from paying taxes

One reason why the Roman Empire lost its power was
a) spread of inflation
b) the low price of food
c) increase in foreign trading
d) a series of droughts

Greeks were interested in ideas, while Romans were interested in
a) focusing on trade instead of education
b) using knowledge to build things
c) copying the Egyptian approach to learning
d) spreading democracy throughout their empire

Roman law was based on the idea of
a) revenge
b) inequality
c) absolute rule
d) fairness

Romans were tolerant of other religions throughout their empire if
a) they agreed to join the Roman army
b) they showed loyalty to Roman gods and emperor
c) they agreed to become slaves
d) they agreed to give up the religion over time

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