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In a communist system,
a) a state controls the economic activity.
b) a dictator controls the economic activity.
c) elected officials control economic activity.
d) private citizens control economic activity.

The Watergate Scandal lead to what changes in US society?
a) Decreased trust of politicians.
b) Decreased involvement of 3rd party candidates.
c) More power given to the President.
d) Increased fear of foreign nations.

The first organized movement of African Americans to fight segregation was _______.
a) the “children’s crusades” in Birmingham.
b) The Selma, Alabama, voting rights campaign.
c) The mass march on Washington D.C.
d) the Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott.

Which of the following was an Allied country during WWII?
a) Germany.
b) Italy.
c) Soviet Union.
d) Japan.

The 38th parallel became an important dividing line between
a) China and Taiwan.
b) North and South China.
c) North and South Korea.
d) Korea and China.

The civil rights leader who believed deeply in the power of nonviolent protest.
a) Malcolm X.
b) Fannie Lou Hammer.
c) Medgar Evars.
d) Martin Luther King, Jr.

This refers to the time period when selling, manufacturing, or transporting alcohol was illegal.
a) Prohibition.
b) Probation.
c) Suffrage.
d) Fundamentalists.

Which of the following is the South Vietnamese communist group that the US fought during the Vietnam War?
a) South Vietnamese.
b) Vietcong.
c) Doves.
d) Hawks.

Which of the following statements best defines the domino theory?
a) Communism will cause the fall of the United States.
b) If one country falls to communism, others in the region will fall, too.
c) Socialist governments are a threat to freedom.
d) Communism will topple the global economy.

The Peace Corps was developed as a means of
a) helping disadvantaged countries.
b) improving educational opportunities in the US.
c) training young people for careers.
d) raising America’s standard of living.

Roosevelt’s decision to move people of Japanese ancestry to internment camps was a response to
a) revenge for Pearl Harbor.
b) rumors that Japan was developing an atomic bomb.
c) strong anti-Japanese sentiment.
d) the lack of Japanese American serving in the armed forces.

What was the Manhattan Project?
a) The plan to develop the atomic bomb.
b) The training of Navajo code talkers.
c) The plan to exterminate the Jews.
d) The plan to crash Japanese planes into Allied ships.

The first civilians executed for espionage in the United States were
a) Dr. Jonas Salk and Dr. Benjamin Spock.
b) John and Foster Dulles.
c) Ray and Wendy Kroc.
d) Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.

Which one of the following was one impact that the Vietnam War had on America?
a) An increase in American support for the war.
b) Support for the continuation of the draft.
c) A lack of trust towards the American government.
d) An increased trust for the American Government.

Which of the following statements most accurately reflects Roosevelt’s feelings toward joining WWII?
a) He agreed with the isolationists and promoted an isolationist policy.
b) He did not understand the position of isolationists and was eager to join the war.
c) He wanted to help the Allies but had to appease U.S. citizens who opposed entering the war.
d) He wanted to avoid the war because he did not see it as a threat to the U.S.

a) is used to influence people’s beliefs about people or events.
b) is always positive.
c) is the use of war bonds to fund the war.
d) is used to help soldiers in the trenches.

Of the following, the most compelling reason for the United States to enter WWI was
a) the outrage of American citizens over German submarine warfare.
b) moral obligation to halt the refuge crisis in Belgium.
c) concern over the repayment of allied debts to American banks.
d) a desire to become more involved in the affairs of Europe.

The goals of Freedom Summer project mainly concerned
a) integration in interstate travel.
b) voting rights.
c) school integration.
d) de facto segregation in the north.

WWII finally ended the Depression because:
a) of the great demand for weapons and supplies.
b) Roosevelt ordered the new Deal to end.
c) people were too concerned about the war to worry about the economy.
d) the US began to purchase more goods from European nations.

What was Hoover’s attitude toward the Depression when he first entered office?
a) Massive reform was the only way to help America out.
b) The economy would heal itself without government help.
c) America could never recover from the Depression.
d) Communists were to blame for America’s depression.

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