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Demography is the scientific study of
a) Parasitism and disease
b) Modernized countries
c) Human populations

The area inhabited by a population is known as its
a) Growth rate
b) Geographic range
c) Age Stucture
d) Population density

The maximum number of organisms of a particular species that can be supported by an environment is called
a) Logistic growth
b) Carrying capacity
c) Exponential growth
d) Population density

The movement of individuals out of an area is called
a) Demography
b) Carrying Capacity
c) Immigration
d) Emigration

The movement of individuals into an area is called
a) Demography
b) Carrying Capacity
c) Immigration
d) Emigration

The number of individuals of a single species per unit area is known as
a) population density
b) carrying capacity
c) logistic growth
d) population growth rate

Climate conditions in small area that different significantly from the climate of the surrounding area are called
a) Microclimates
b) Natural features
c) Biomes
d) Ecosystems

Predictable changes in a community over time.
a) ecological succession
b) population growth
c) climax community
d) climate change

Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are both involved in the
a) carbon cycle
b) water cycle
c) nitrogen cycle
d) phosphorus cycle

Water lilies do not grow in desert sand because water availability to these plants in a desert is
a) A limiting factor
b) The carrying capacity
c) A competition factor

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