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An organism who needs to ingest food- cannot make its own food.
a) heterotroph
b) autotroph

The same species living in the same environment.
a) Population
b) Community
c) Ecosystem
d) Biome

All of the gases on Earth.
a) Atmosphere
b) Geosphere
c) Hydrosphere
d) Biosphere

All of the frozen water on Earth.
a) Cryosphere
b) Hydrosphere
c) Atmosphere
d) Biosphere

All of the rocky parts of Earth.
a) Geosphere
b) Atmosphere
c) Biosphere
d) Hydrosphere

All of the liquid water on Earth.
a) Hydrosphere
b) Atmosphere
c) Biosphere
d) Geosphere

All of life on Earth.
a) Biosphere
b) Hydrosphere
c) Geosphere
d) Atmosphere

A type of science that deals with interactions between organisms and between organisms and the environment they live in.
a) Ecology
b) Economy
c) Modeling
d) Recycling

An organism who can make its own food- like photosynthesis.
a) autotroph
b) heterotroph

When two or more of Earth's spheres interact.
a) Sphere interaction
b) Nutrient cycles

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