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Which controls everything else in the cell?
a) The Golgi body
b) The cell membrane
c) The vacuole
d) The nucleus

What is the function of a lysosome?
a) To carry out photosynthesis
b) To regulate what enters and exits a cell
c) To break down cell particles that are no longer needed
d) To store food, water, wastes, etc.

Which of these is an organelle?
a) A ribosome
b) A bone
c) The circulatory system
d) A brain cell

What do animal cells have that plant cells lack?
a) Lysosomes
b) Cytoskeletons
c) Flagella
d) Cell membranes

What do all animal cells lack that plant cells have?
a) Golgi bodies and ribosomes
b) Vacuoles and chloroplasts
c) Ribosomes and cell walls
d) Cell walls and chloroplasts

Which description best fits the endoplasmic reticulum?
a) A rod-shaped organelle
b) A large sac in the middle of the cell
c) A small structure
d) An network of passageways surrounding the nucleus

What part of the cell produces proteins?
a) Mitochondria
b) Lysosomes
c) Ribosomes
d) Golgi Body

What are the different parts of the nucleus?
a) Chromatin, nuclear sleeve, and nucloin
b) Chromatin, nuclear envelope, and nucleolus
c) Nucloin, chromabon, and nuclear envelope
d) Chromabon, nucleolus, and nuclear sleeve

How do plant cell vacuoles differ from animal cell vacuoles?
a) Not all animal cells have them
b) Animal cell vacuoles are larger
c) Animal cell vacuoles have no function
d) Plant cell vacuoles are blue

What is/are the powerhouse/s of a cell?
a) Its nucleus
b) Its endoplasmic reticulum
c) Its mitochondria
d) Its lysosomes

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