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Which represents a formula for a chemical compound?
a) H
b) C
c) P
d) H2O

Which is the negatively charged particle located outside the nucleus of an atom?
a) electron
b) neutron
c) silicon
d) proton

which particle in the nucleus of an atom has a neutral charge?
a) carbon
b) electron
c) neutron
d) proton

If an atom has 7 electrons, how many are located in the second energy level?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 5
d) 7

One isotope of carbon is different from another how?
a) atomic number
b) number of electrons
c) number of neutrons
d) number of protons

Which is an example of a chemical reaction?
a) ice melting
b) iron rusting
c) sugar dissolving in water
d) water evaporating

What is the reactant when paper burns?
a) fire
b) carbon dioxide
c) oxygen
d) water

What is the product when an iron nail rusts?
a) iron
b) water
c) oxygen
d) iron oxide

How does an enzyme influence a biological reaction?
a) increases the net energy difference between reactants and products
b) decreases the activation energy necessary to initiate the chemical change
c) increases the kinetic energy of reactants and increases their tendency to collide
d) decreases the kinetic energy of reactants and helps them to go through chemical change more easily

Amino acids are the building blocks of which macromolecule?
a) carbohydrate
b) DNA
c) lipid
d) protein

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