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Which of the following is “an appeal to emotion?”
a) ethos
b) pathos
c) logos
d) anecdote

“Putting a passage into your own words and using only the main points” is known as…..
a) quoting
b) summarizing
c) paraphrasing
d) plagiarizing

Which of the following uses quotation marks correctly?
a) “You need to do your homework every night” expressed Steve’s mom.
b) “I hope that you have a great summer,” said Mrs. Mihalik.
c) “Can you give me the answer? asked Job”
d) Paul said that “he needed to pass English this year.”

Which of the following sentences uses homophones correctly?
a) Life has its ups and downs.
b) I was too scared to say two words too her.
c) There hats are over there where they’re sitting.
d) Your going to have an awesome summer.

Which of the following is NOT an appropriate way to separate two complete sentences?
a) Semicolon
b) period
c) comma
d) conjunction and comma

Which sentence is correctly punctuated?
a) Mr. Nguyen has sent his four children to ivy-league colleges, however, he has sacrificed his health working day and night in
b) All over the country, people sell products over the Internet, these people are making impressive profits.
c) After the sixth inning, I went home, my family stayed.
d) While time often erases bad memories, my ex-girlfriend never forgets anything; she even remembers things that happened over f

Which of the following is NOT a fragment?
a) Some of the students working in Professor Espinoza's laboratory last semester.
b) Although women's college basketball in Connecticut is a marvelously entertaining and popular sport.
c) Even though he had the better arguments and was by far the more powerful speaker, he lost the case.
d) And games were played in practically silent gyms.

Which of the following is the correct format for MLA 8 citations?
a) Sarlin, Jon. Is Amazon a Monopoly? - CNN Video. CNN, Cable News Network, 17 Apr. 2018,
b) Sarlin, Jon. “Is Amazon a Monopoly? - CNN Video.” CNN, Cable News Network, 17 Apr. 2018,
c) Sarlin, Jon. “Is Amazon a Monopoly? - CNN Video.” CNN, Cable News Network, 17 Apr. 2018.
d) Sarlin, Jon. “Is Amazon a monopoly? - CNN Video.” CNN, Cable News Network, 17 Apr. 2018,

A thesis statment....
a) States the topic, chooses a position and summarizes the support.
b) States the topic and gives all the details in a paper.
c) Sums up the paper and challenges the reader to do something with the info.
d) Grabs the attention of the audience.

The events that happen in the story.....
a) setting
b) theme
c) point of view
d) plot

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