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In Contents of A Dead Man's Pocket, Clare Benecke is a character about whom the reader knows very little. Clare is which type of character?
a) Flat
b) Round
c) Dynamic
d) Static

In Contents of A Dead Man's Pocket the reader saw the thoughts and actions of only Tom Benecke. This is what type of point of view?
a) first
b) objective
c) limited
d) omniscient

Contents of the dead man's pockets, he thought with sudden fierce anger, a wasted life. This sentence is an example of:
a) Plot
b) Point of view
c) Imagery
d) Theme

By the conclusion of the short story “The Interlopers” by Saki, what can the reader infer?
a) The wolves attack and kill Georg and Ulrich.
b) The characters Georg and Ulrich attack and kill the wolves.
c) Georg and Ulrich become friends and help one another out of the woods.
d) The story’s resolution does not give the reader any clue as to what happens to the characters Georg and Unrich.

What term best describes the ending of “The Interlopers”?
a) gosy
b) joyful
c) ironic
d) melodramatic

The main theme of “The Interlopers” concerns the:
a) benefits of friendship
b) foolishness of petty quarrels
c) danger of the winter woods
d) excitement of hunting

What is Mrs. Mallard’s reaction to the news of her husband’s death and how does it change in “The Story of An Hour”?
a) She shows a cruel sense of happiness, but then feels remorseful.
b) She doesn’t accept it and then is overcome with grief.
c) She weeps uncontrollably and then feels a sense of hopefulness.
d) She is relieved at first and then regrets his absence.

Using words that appeal to senses to paint a picture in the reader's mind is…
a) symbol
b) personification
c) motivation
d) imagery

The main character that faces the conflict is.....
a) protagonist
b) antagonist
c) round character
d) dynamic character

The turning point in the story is the…..
a) rising action
b) climax
c) falling action
d) resolution

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