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Which compound is classified as a salt?
b) C2H5OH
c) NaOH
d) NaC2H3O2

A water solution contains 0.50 mol of HCl. How much NaOH should be added to the HCl solution to exactly neutralize it?
a) 2.0 mol
b) 1.0 mol
c) 0.25 mol
d) 0.50 mol

Which salt is formed when hydrochloric acid is neutralized by a potassium hydroxide solution?
a) potassium chloride
b) potassium chlorate
c) potassium chlorite
d) potassium perchlorate

In the neutralization reaction between hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, the spectator ions are
a) H+ and OH-
b) Na+ and H+
c) Na+ and Cl-
d) Cl- and OH-

According to the Refrence Tables For Physical Setting/Chemistry, which metal would react spontaneously with hydrochloric acid?
a) gold
b) silver
c) copper
d) zinc

Which species is classified as an Arrhenius base?
a) CH3OH
b) LiOH
c) PO4
d) CO3

As 1g of sodium hydroxide dissolves in 100g of water, the conductivity of the water
a) decreases
b) increases
c) remains the same

Which compound is an electrolyte?
a) C6H12O6
b) C12H22O11

When substance X is dissolved in water, the only positive ions in the solution or hydrogen ions. Subtance X could be
a) NaOH
b) NaH
c) H2S
d) NH3

Which products are formed when an acid reacts with a base?
a) an alcohol and carbon dioxide
b) an ester and water
c) a soap and glycerin
d) a salt and water

Which substance is always produced by a neutralization reaction?
a) water
b) acid
c) ester
d) base

Which metal will release H2 (g) when it reacts with HCl?
a) Au (s)
b) Zn (S)
c) Hg (l)
d) Ag (s)

Which formula represents a salt?
a) KOH
b) KCl
c) CH3OH

How much water is formed when 1.0 mol of HCl reacts completely with 1.0 mol of NaOH?
a) 2.0 mol
b) 1.0 mol
c) .050 mol
d) 0.25 mol

Which compound reacts with an acid to produce water and a salt?
a) CH3Cl
c) KCl
d) KOH

When an Arrhenius acid is dissolved in water, it produces
a) H+ as the only positive ion in the solution
b) NH3+ as the only positive ion in solution
c) OH- as the only negative ion in the solution
d) HCO3- as the only negative ion in the solution

When an Arrhenius base is dissolved in H2O the only negative ion present in the solution is
a) OH-
b) H30-
c) H-
d) O2-

In an aqueous solution, which substance yields hydrogen ions as the only positive ion?
a) C2H5OH
c) KH
d) KOH

According to the Arrhenius theory, when an acidic substnce is dissolved in water it will produce a solution containing only one kind of positive ion. To which ion does the theory refer?
a) acetate
b) chloride
c) hydrogen
d) sodium

According to the Reference Tables for Physical Setting/Chemistry, which of the following metals will react most readily with HCl to release hydrogen gas?
a) aluminum
b) copper
c) silver
d) gold

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