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When an object is being pushed and it stops being moved then the force acting in the opposite direction is
a) Equal.
b) Greater
c) less
d) double

excretory system
a) filters blood
b) absorbs food
c) releases food waste
d) gas exchange

Robert Hooke was the 1st person to
a) observe plant cell/ cork tissue
b) observe animal cell / hawk
c) identify the shrew
d) identify the birds have adapted beaks for their food source

a) eats both plants and animals
b) eats plants only
c) are top predators
d) eats meat only

The animals that eat plants
a) consume the most energy
b) are missing out on how good meat tastes
c) are carnivores
d) are top predators

chemical change
a) a gas is formed
b) churning
c) mashing
d) swirling

uni mean
a) one
b) two
c) many
d) weird

Pioneer species
a) colonize and modify the forest floor
b) prevents other species from being able to inhabit the area
c) are trees
d) are shrubs

Physical change
a) grinding
b) enzymes
c) changing forms
d) flying an airplane

Primary succession take longer than secondary succession b/c
a) soil needs to be form
b) grass need to grow
c) trees are growing
d) it needs to wait to stop raining to build a mall

Inside the nucleus is
a) chromosomes and DNA
b) energy
c) food
d) gross stuff

red blood cells
a) carries oxygen
b) carries messages
c) is blue when it is low on oxygen

Alveolar are a part in the
a) lung
b) heart
c) stomach
d) tissue

the outer most part of a PLANT is
a) cell wall
b) cell membrane
c) nucleus
d) mitochondria

secondary succession
a) follows when a farmland is no longer being farmed
b) follows a parking lot is built
c) has no soil formed
d) is slower than primary succession

a) makes proteins
b) makes food
c) protects the cell
d) is the brain

people that choose to create a new breed is
a) selective breeding
b) natural selection
c) sexual reproduction
d) weird

All living things
a) have at least one cell
b) have tissue
c) breathe
d) are aboitic

High biodivesity
a) has variety
b) has one plant
c) is a McDonalds
d) is destroyed by a flood

a) make energy from the sun
b) is the powerhouse
c) is the brain
d) is the gatekeeper

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