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Which answer below shows the best estimate of the item's capacity?
a) A sand bucket is 1 cup.
b) A tea kettle is 1 quart.
c) A coffe pot is 1 pint.
d) A carton of milk is 5 gallons.

Jackie needs 5 cups of milk to make a vanilla milkshake. Should she buy a pint, a quart, or a gallon of milk?
a) Pint
b) Quart
c) Gallon
d) None

Jason made a cup of hot chocolate. Does his cup probably hold 400 liters or 400 milliliters of hot chocolate?
a) 400 milliliters.
b) 400 liters

Which answer best shows the unit to measure the item shown?
a) A small juice box is 250 mL.
b) A sink is 14 mL.
c) A coffee cup is 25 L.
d) A bath tub is 2 mL.

Which best represents the unit of measure to be used to find the mass of a squirrel ?
a) Grams
b) Kilograms

Which answer best shows the mass of the item shown?
a) A feather is 1 kg.
b) A horse is 25 g.
c) A soccer ball is 10 g.
d) A computer is 3,000 grams.

Which weighs more: 3.5 pounds of butter or 60 ounces of butter?
a) 60 ounces of butter.
b) 3.5 pounds of butter.

Which answer best shows the weight of the item shown?
a) A DVD is 1 lb.
b) A truck is 100 lb.
c) A fridge is 300 lb.
d) A elephant is 200 lb.

Select the correct answer.
a) 1 quart = 1 pint
b) 1 liter = 2,000 mililiters
c) 1 ton = 2,000 pounds
d) A slice of bread weighs about 1 ton.

Which unit of measurment would you use to find the capacity of an item?
a) Kg
b) L
c) T
d) g

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