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What is the acronym used to remember the reasons for WWI?

What sparked WWI
a) The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
b) Hitler invaded Poland
c) France declared war on Germany
d) The Zimmerman Telegram

What ISM was America practicing before WWI?
a) Isolationism
b) nationalism
c) militarism
d) prism

The sinking of what ship infuriated Americans?
a) Lusitania
b) Titanic
c) Arizona
d) Maine

Who was POTUS during WWI?
a) Wilson
b) FDR
c) Teddy Roosevelt
d) Clinton

What kind of warfare was used during WWI?
a) Trench Warfare
b) Nuclear Warfare
c) Germ Warfare
d) Hard Rock music

What treaty was signed at the end of WWI?
a) Treaty of Versailles
b) Treaty of London
c) USA-Europe Treaty
d) Germany Surrender Treaty

Why did Germany hate the treaty?
a) They had to admit they were guilty of starting WWI
b) They had to stop speaking German
c) They had to let the US run their government
d) They were forced to send their soldiers to France to be re-trained

Who had to give up most of their military after WWI?
a) Germany
b) The US
c) France
d) Italy

Who is your favorite social studies teacher this year?
a) Mrs. Anderson
b) Mr. Leal
c) Mrs. Henry
d) Mrs. Roach

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