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Jeff Guinn wrote what book?
a) Glorious
b) Inglorious Bastard
c) The Bridge over Tokori
d) Madame Butterfly

Carl Hiassen write in what genre?
a) History
b) Mystery
c) Science Fiction
d) Religion

Elmore Leonard lived in what American city?
a) Ann Arbor
b) Lansing
c) Birmingham Hills
d) Detroit

Elmore Leonard's character Chili Palma was in what movie?
a) The Bee Keeper
b) Be Cool
c) Beware
d) Be Witched

Simon Winchester was educated at what college?
a) Oxbow U.
b) Oxtail
c) Oxford
d) Harvard

Ed Matlosz playedbaseball of what major univeristy?
a) UWW
b) Whitewater
c) University of Pacific
d) UNM

Alec McDaniel graduated from what university?
a) The Harvard of the North
b) UWW
c) UNM
d) Whitewater

Erik Larson newest book is( 2015) ?
a) Devil in the White City
b) Beast
c) Luisitania
d) Titanic

Rich Milligan's favorite author is?
a) McManus
b) Vonegut
c) Fidorski
d) McDaniel

Alan Furst writes in what genre?
a) Sci-Fi
b) Ancient History
c) Mystery
d) Gardening

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