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What does your teacher love to do on her free time?
a) Play with her children.
b) Read a book.
c) Take a road trip.
d) Clean the toilets.

Where can you find the rules for Science class?
a) On the wall.
b) On the door.
c) On Ms. Wilbur's website.
d) On a handout.

What computer do you use in here?
a) Any computer you want.
b) The number of the seat you sit in.
c) Any that is on the tables.
d) The computer from home.

Where do we go in a fire drill?
a) Out the main door.
b) Out the mall door.
c) Out the door silently.
d) Out the side door silently.

In a code red what to we do?
a) We sit silently.
b) We get on our phones.
c) We go on the computer.
d) We whisper with our neighbors.

How do we put our computers away?
a) Any way we want.
b) In a slot and plug it in.
c) Leave it on the desk.
d) Very carefully in the slot with the same number.

What is Ms. Wilbur's favorite football team?
a) Cardinals
b) Steelers
c) Sea Hawks
d) Saints

What is Ms. Wilbur's favorite colors?
a) Purple
b) Red and Black
c) Yellow
d) Pink and Green

How many years has Ms. Wilbur taught in AJUSD?
a) 11
b) 10
c) 20
d) 5

What was Ms. Wilbur's most exciting moment this summer?
a) Working in workshops all summer.
b) Going to a NASA training at ASU
c) Going to Out of Africa and kissing a giraffe, petting a Rhino, and feeding tigers.
d) Sleeping

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