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When are hats allowed to be worn?
a) In the classroom.
b) Only outside.
c) In the cafeteria and outside.
d) In the office.

When is gum allowed to be chewed at school.
a) Never
b) Only outside
c) Only in the classroom
d) Only in the office

What should you do when the bells rings at the end of class?
a) Wait for the teacher to dismiss you
b) Get up and leave
c) Run out the door
d) Stand up and wait for the teacher to dismiss you.

When may you use the restroom?
a) Never
b) Only during class
c) Between classes
d) Anytime you want

When may you get a drink?
a) Never
b) Only during class
c) Between Classes
d) Anytime you want

Will the teacher provide you with a pencil?
a) NO
b) Yes
c) Maybe
d) Sometimes

Will the teacher accept late work?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Maybe
d) Sometimes

Is food allowed in the classroom?
a) Only if the teacher allows
b) Never
c) Anytime
d) Only on Fridays

What kind of drinks are allowed in the classroom?
a) Water
b) Soda
c) Gatorade
d) Coffee

What happens if you receive a strike in my class?
a) Nothing
b) Detention
c) Conference with the teacher
d) Referral

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