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The sandpiper's beak, used to find tiny creatures in the sand, is
a) long and curved
b) broad and flat
c) short and dull
d) narrow and pointed

The bird that has webbed feet for moving in the water is the
a) osprey
b) egret
c) oystercatcher
d) sea duck

Of the following, which marine mammals have been heavily hunted for their fur?
a) seals and gray whales
b) seals and sea otters
c) dolphins and manatees
d) gray whales and manatees

Which of the following is a filter-feeding marine mammal?
a) sea otter
b) sperm whale
c) humpback whale
d) manatee

Marine reptiles are found primarily in
a) cold regions
b) tropical habitats
c) temperate regions
d) volcanic areas

The pinniped whose forelimbs are better developed for moving on land is the
a) true seal
b) walrus
c) sea lion
d) sea otter

The marine mammal that cracks shells open with a rock is the
a) sea lion
b) sea otter
c) river otter
d) manatee

Which of the following is part of the diving response?
a) The shunting of blood away from the vital organs
b) The speeding up of the heart rate
c) A slowing of the heart rate
d) A decrease in the oxygen-carrying capacity

Evidence of the whale's terrestrial ancestors is clearly seen in the internal structure of its
a) teeth
b) forelimbs
c) tail flukes
d) forehead

Which of the following is not a characteristic of all marine mammals?
a) being warm-blooded
b) have a blowhole
c) having a four-chambered heart
d) nursing their young

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