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What is the turning point for Oedipus?
a) Jocasta reveals details that cause him to doubt his innocence.
b) Jocasta convinces him that prophets don't exist.
c) Jocasta begs Oedipus to summons the shepard to quiet her own doubts.
d) Jocasta confirms his suspicions about Creon's betrayal.

What is the main conflict in part one of Oedipus?
a) internal conflict with Teiresias.
b) external conflict between Oedipus and Jocasta.
c) external conflict between Oedipus and the plague in Thebes.
d) internal conflict with Jocasta.

"I will never come near my parents" is ironic because Oedipus
a) is admired for his bravery.
b) loves his own children deeply.
c) killed Laius and married Jocasta.
d) has been offered Polybus'throne.

How is the Messenger's ignorance an example of dramatic irony?
a) Oedipus was not Polybus' son.
b) Polybus did not have any children of his own.
c) Oedipus was abandoned as an infant.
d) Laius was the father of Oedipus.

What is Jocasta's motive for discouraging Oedipus from speaking to the Herdsman?
a) She does not want to discover the truth.
b) She does not want to offend the oracle.
c) She dislikes the Herdsman.
d) She wants to prevent Oedipus from learning the truth.

What is one reason Oedipus gives for accusing Teiresias of not being a prophet?
a) He did not predict the plague.
b) He is blind.
c) He did not solve the sphinx's riddle.
d) He is not the son of god.

Jocasta's faith in Oedipus' innocence primarily stems from her
a) ignorance that the infant Oedipus was saved.
b) interest in preserving her status and prestige.
c) deep resentment of the gods' prophecies.
d) belief that others have plotted against Oedipus,

Oedipus learns his identity after he has
a) listened to the Chorus.
b) threatened to kill the Herdsman.
c) begged Appolo to intervene.
d) called for a second messenger.

Oedipus blinds himself as a direct result of
a) Polybus' death.
b) the Messenger's news.
c) Jocasta's suicide.
d) the orcale's prophecy.

How is Oedipus like Teiresias at the end of the play?
a) Oedipus is blind and has knowledge of the truth.
b) Oedipus is blind and excercises free will.
c) Oedipus is blind and isolates himself from others.
d) Oedipus is blind and respects Creon.

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