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ecosystems that have the same characteristics, normally determined by how close they are to the equator
a) biome
b) ecosystem
c) biotic
d) abiotic

biome with a 4 equal seasons, leaves fall of trees
a) deciduous forest
b) Tropical Rainforest
c) grassland
d) desert

biome that stays the same temperature year round, closest to the equator; lot of precipitation
a) Tropical Rainforest
b) desert
c) taiga
d) grassland

biome that has lots of grasses but very few trees
a) grassland
b) desert
c) deciduous forest
d) taiga

biome that is very dry and does not have a lot of precipitation or bodies of water
a) desert
b) taiga
c) tropical rainforest
d) estuary

biome that is the furthest north; very cold most of the year, but has a short summer. Layer of permafrost beneath the soil
a) tundra
b) taiga
c) grassland
d) deciduous forest

biome that has coniferous trees, forest that is the furthest away from the equator and therefore is the coldest
a) taiga
b) desert
c) tundra
d) deciduous forest

aquatic ecosystem with brackish water (a mixture of fresh and saltwater)
a) estuary
b) salt marsh
c) ocean
d) river

oceans and salt marshes; water is salty
a) marine ecosystem
b) freshwater ecosystem
c) gross water ecosystem
d) brackish ecosystem

lakes, ponds, river, streams; water contains no salt
a) freshwater ecosystem
b) marine ecosystem
c) brackish ecosystem
d) Clean-water ecosystem

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