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the basic building blocks of living organisms; all living things are made up of _____________.
a) cells
b) unicellular
c) multicellular
d) hair

made of only one cell; can carry out all basic life processes (move, find food, grow, reproduce) ex: bacteria, amoeba
a) unicellular organisms
b) multicellular organisms
c) tricellular organisms
d) quadricellular organisms

a living thing made of one or more cells; cells have different jobs
a) multicellular organisms
b) unicellular organisms
c) amoeba
d) bacterial cells

allows oxygen to enter the body and carbon dioxide to exit; nose, mouth, trachea, lungs, the diaphragm
a) respiratory system
b) digestive system
c) circulatory system
d) skeletal system

Breaks down food you eat to get energy; mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine
a) digestive system
b) respiratory system
c) skeletal system
d) nervous system

transports gases throughout your body; (AKA cardiovascular) heart, arteries, veins
a) circulatory system
b) muscular system
c) nervous system
d) respiratory system

bones; protects organs, supports body
a) skeletal system
b) respiratory system
c) muscular system
d) excretory system

smooth (organs) , cardiac (heart) and skeletal (attached to bones)
a) muscular system
b) skeletal system
c) nervous system
d) respiratory system

controls all body systems; brain, spinal cord, nerves;
a) nervous system
b) muscular system
c) circulatory system
d) digestive system

a quality or characteristic of a living thing
a) trait
b) system
c) multicellular organism
d) unicellular organism

a characteristic a living thing gets from its parents (ex: eye color, height, dimples)
a) inherited traits
b) acquired trait
c) learned behavior
d) unicellular organism

a characteristic that a living thing develops after it is born (ex: speaking, reading, scars)
a) acquired trait/learned behavior
b) gene
c) cell
d) unicellular organism

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