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Keeps the Earth at a suitable temperature for living.
a) Greenhouse Effect
b) Global Warming
c) Oxygen

The rise in Earth's temperature over time is...
a) global warming
b) greenhouse effect
c) the big warm up

Heating the Earth through direct rays is called...
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation

Heating the Earth by direct contact is called...
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection

heating the Earth by circulating heat through the atmosphere.
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection

the gas responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming.
a) oxygen
b) argon
c) carbon dioxide

this is an example of radiation.
a) a cat keeping warm by lying in a patch of sun
b) popping pocpron with an air popper
c) your feet burning from walking on hot sand

This is NOT a way to stop global warming.
a) walk or ride you bike instead of using a car
b) recycle
c) keep the lights on in your house

Warm air will...
a) rise
b) sink
c) stay in the middle

This is an example of convection.
a) baking cookies in an oven
b) frying an egg
c) microwaving popcorn

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