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What is the role of the coloured rings in the resistors?
a) to offer resistance
b) they are for decoration
c) to prevent the resistor from overloading
d) to know the resistance in Ohms

What are resistors used for?
a) to limit the current that flows through the circuit
b) to resist heat
c) to regulate the speaker volumen
d) to throw at the teacher

What are potentiometers?
a) variable resistances
b) energy receptors
c) very bigs resistances
d) invariable resistances

Give an example of a common use of a pontiometer
a) speaker volume
b) battery
c) thermometer
d) mobile phone

What is the meaning of LDR?
a) left draw right
b) lightning depending on the rain
c) light dependent resistor
d) low distance resistor

What is the principal role of the thermistor?
a) it' s a temperature depending resistance
b) it's like a battery
c) to decorate the Arduino board
d) it's not used for anything

What does the capacitor?
a) the capacitor is a battery
b) this electronic element is used to know the capacity of the Arduino board.
c) it stores energy
d) it's not used for anything

Choose an example of a capacitor
a) camera flash
b) car
c) bycicle
d) laptops

What can you find in a diode?
a) a semiconductor
b) a conductor
c) a insulator
d) a LED

What is a common use of a transistor?
a) a resistor
b) a singer
c) a translator
d) an amplifier

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