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What are the fins located on the side of the fish called?
a) dorsal
b) ventral
c) pectoral
d) caudal

What special receptors does the shark have for detecting prey?
a) spiracles
b) lateral line organ
c) ampullae of Lorenzini
d) swim bladder

What class describes sharks, skates, and rays?
a) Chondrichthyes
b) Osteichthyes

Why is the coelacanth an important fish to scientist?
a) It was the ancestor to all sharks
b) It is an evolutionary link between vertebrates and invertebrates
c) It resembles a fossil fish that was ancestral to amphibians
d) It is extinct

Fast-moving fish species that live in open water are referred to as
a) cartilaginous
b) bony
c) spawning
d) pelagic

The general term that describe marine animals that swim is
a) pelagic
b) placoid
c) nekton
d) tunicate

Bony fish maintain neutral buoyancy with their ________________________.
a) cartilage
b) claspers
c) swim bladder
d) lateral line organ

The _____________________ along a fish's body detects sound vibrations
a) swim bladder
b) pelagic
c) placoid scales
d) lateral line organ

What is another name for the tail fin?
a) dorsal
b) ventral
c) pectoral
d) caudal

What is the scientific name for cold-blooded?
a) endothermic
b) ectothermic

Fish have an ____________________ circulatory system
a) open
b) closed

Fish have a _________________ digestive system
a) one-way
b) two-way

The chordates are animals that contain a notochord, gill slits, and a
a) ventral nerve cord
b) dorsal nerve cord
c) skull
d) backbone

All are examples of primitive chordates except the
a) sea squirt
b) lancelet
c) flounder
d) acorn worm

Which fish is least related to the others?
a) skate
b) ray
c) shark
d) barracuda

Which of the following structure is not present in all fish species?
a) two-chambered heart
b) closed circulatory system
c) gills
d) scales

A fish breathes by
a) taking in water through its mouth and passing it over its gills
b) taking in water through its gills and passing it out of its mouth
c) taking in water through the gills on side of its body and passing it through the gills on the other side
d) fanning water into its gills with its pectoral fins

Which of the following is a cartilaginous fish?
a) manta ray
b) mola
c) barracuda
d) sea horse

Which of the following is a jawless fish?
a) shark
b) hagfish
c) mola
d) flounder

Birds can regulate their body temperature; they are _______________
a) ectothermic
b) endothermic

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