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Desktop Publishing Application
a) Publisher
b) Word
c) Excel
d) Access

An excel file
a) workbook
b) worksheet
c) file
d) workfile

Spreadsheet Application
a) Excel
b) Access
c) Publisher
d) Outlook

What is displayed by the record in Datasheet view when subdatasheets are available
a) +
b) *
c) -
d) #

What field prevents duplicate records in a table?
a) primary key
b) foreign key
c) important key
d) duplicate key

Which application would be best to generate forms, queries, and reports from the data it stores?
a) Access
b) Publisher
c) Excel
d) Outlook

Which is clicked to expand the window to fill the screen?
a) Maximize
b) Minimize
c) Close
d) File

Which is not an input device?
a) printer
b) scanner
c) mouse
d) keyboard

Which key is pushed to move the insertion point to the beginning of a line of text?
a) Home
b) End
c) Delete
d) ctrl + Home

Formatting Text in a different font changes the
a) shape of characters
b) alignment of text
c) characters to subscripts
d) color of characters

The intersection of a row and a column in a table
a) Cell
b) Insertion Point
c) Row Intersection
d) Meeting Point

Which of the following is an example of a cell reference?
a) B4
b) 4B
c) B
d) B!4!

Pressing ctrl + ~
a) displays the formulas stored in cells
b) formats the active cell as currency
c) selects the row that contains the active cell
d) enters a modified formula

Term that describes duplication of data
a) double data
b) data redundancy
c) database schema
d) data validation

Placing records in a specified order
a) sorting
b) filtering
c) ordering
d) organizing

Modifying the data in an existing record
a) updating
b) changing
c) adding
d) sorting

Which type of query modifies or updates records?
a) update query
b) select query
c) range query
d) parameter query

The arrangement of text and images on a slide is called
a) layout
b) design
c) content
d) thumbnail

Markings made on a slide during a slide show
a) annotations
b) animations
c) transitions
d) footers

Which key is used to zoom into a selected object?
a) F9
b) F1
c) up arrow
d) Page Up

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