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How can you tell that work has been done on an object?
a) the object exerts an equal and opposite force
b) the object stays in the same position
c) the object moves position
d) the object has experience a force

Which of the following demonstrates forces that change the motion of an object?
a) a boy stares out a window
b) a girl dreams as she sleeps
c) a rock rest on the ground
d) a seedling emerges from the soil.

What distinguishes energy from force and work
a) energy is a push or a pull
b) energy is the ability to do work
c) energy is the transfer of force that causes and object to move
d) energy is the measure of how much force is applied to an object

In order for an organism to move, which of the following energy transformations must happen in its cells
a) Sound energy is transformed into light energy
b) mechanical energy is transformed into solar energy
c) chemical energy is transformed into kinetic energy
d) light energy is transformed into chemical energy

A man pushes a box with great force. the box does not move. What can you conclude?
a) a force was used, so work was done
b) energy was expended, so work was done
c) the box did not move, so work was not done
d) the bow was only lifted off the ground, so work was not done

Which of the following consumers is a herbivore?
a) cat
b) horse
c) human
d) vulture

What is energy?
a) the ability to do work
b) anything that has mass
c) anything that takes up space
d) the ability to conduct current

Which of the following is NOT a form of Potential energy?
a) an object at the top of a hill
b) Electrons moving in a wire
c) chemical bonds in food
d) chemical bonds in gasoline

What energy transformation happens when you lift a box from the floor to a shelf
a) kinetic energy is transformed into potential energy
b) Potential energy is transformed into Kinetic energy
c) Kinetic energy is transformed into chemical energy
d) Potential energy is transformed into light energy

Which of these energy Conversions occurs when a deer runs through a forest
a) heat to light
b) sound to light
c) chemical to heat
d) kinetic to electrical

You are racing a cart down the hallway. If you go 10 meters in 5 seconds, what is your speed? (Remember speed equals distance divided by time.)
a) 2 m/s
b) 2 miles/hour
c) 50 m/s
d) 55 m/s

Ms. Parks can run 50 yards in 10 seconds and Ms. Briscoe can run 100 yards in 20 seconds. Who has a faster speed? (Remember speed equals distance divided by time.)
a) Ms. Parks has a faster speed
b) Ms. Briscoe has a faster speed
c) They both have the same speed
d) Ms. Jones is faster than both of them

the force that pulls falling objects toward Earth is called
a) Free fall
b) Gravitational potential energy
c) Gravity
d) Acceleration

In Science a pull or a pull is called a(n)
a) Inertia
b) Acceleration
c) Speed
d) Force

A net force (an unbalanced force that changes motion) causes an object to
a) stay at the same speed
b) not move
c) accelerate (speed up) or decelerate (slow down)

You are racing a mini car 144 miles in 12 hours what is the car's speed?
a) 12 miles/hour
b) 12 m/s
c) 22 miles/hour
d) 22 m/s

Amy uses 20N of force to push a lawnmower 10 meters. How much work is done?
a) 20 J
b) 20N
c) 200 J
d) 200 m/s

Energy is measured in
a) work
b) acceleration
c) mass
d) joules

All are examples of Potential energy EXCEPT for
a) Chemical
b) Motion
c) Elastic
d) Gravitational

What type of energy is stored in gasoline
a) electrical energy
b) Nuclear energy
c) Chemical energy
d) Mechanical energy

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