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The distance measured from trough to trough of a wave is
a) the wavelength
b) the wave height
c) the wave period
d) the orbit

The period of wind waves is usually expressed in
a) feet or meters
b) miles per hour, or kilometers per hour
c) seconds
d) any of the above

The main force driving thermohaline circulation is
a) wind
b) Coriolis effect
c) gravity
d) electromagnetic attraction

The immediate source of most of the energy for ocean currents is:
a) weather
b) wind
c) the sun
d) the tides

During an El Nino event,
a) the trade winds stregthen
b) the central eastern Pacific ocean becomes cooler
c) sea level falls in the central eastern Pacific ocean
d) a strong equatorial countercurrent develops in the Pacific

Winds generally move across the United States
a) from north to south
b) from east to west
c) from south to north
d) from west to east

Seasons are caused by
a) changes in the weather
b) annual variation in energy output of the sun
c) the Earth's orbital tilt relative to the plane of its orbit around the sun
d) our being closer to the sun in summer

The Coriolis effect causes objects moving in the northern hemisphere to veer off course
a) to the right, or clockwise when viewed from above
b) to the left, or counterclockwise when viewed from above
c) in an upward direction
d) in a downward direction

A system of four currents completing a flow circuit around the periphery of an ocean basin is collectively called
a) a cell
b) a Carroll pattern
c) a gyre
d) a gimble

The salinity of the ocean, at the present time, seems to be
a) increasing due to evaporation as the Earth warms up
b) decreasing due to several years of excessive rainfall
c) increasing due to pollution
d) in equilibrium, with dissolved components entering equal to dissolved components leaving

We can determine salinity if we know
a) the density of the water sample
b) the mass of the water sample
c) the chlorinity of the water sample
d) the exact color of the water sample

The term salinity refers to
a) the total amount of dissolved solids in the ocean
b) the total amount of table salt dissolved in seawater
c) the total amount of chlorine in the water
d) the total amount of chloride ion in the water

Once an element or dissolved substance reaches the ocean,
a) it will remain dissolved in the water forever
b) it will settle to the seafloor in less than 100 years
c) it will be removed quickly by activities of organisms
d) it may stay or be removed depending on the individual chemistry of the element

The speed of sound in water is ____________ the speed of sound in air.
a) lower than
b) about the same as
c) greater than
d) sometimes lower, sometimes higher - depends of temperature of air and wter

The most pronounced thermoclines exists in:
a) the temperate zones
b) the polar regions
c) the tropics
d) anywhere-it depends on water salinity

The wavelengths of light that penetrate deepest into the ocean are:
a) red and violet
b) blue and brown
c) green and blue
d) all wavelengths penetrate equally efficiently

The densest seawater is the
a) coldest
b) saltiest
c) freshwest
d) coldest and saltiest

In volume and quantity, most marine sediments are associated with:
a) the edges of the deep trenches
b) the deep sea floor away from the continental slopes
c) mid-ocean ridges
d) the continental slopes and rises

arrive in the ocean from continents via rivers
a) terrigenous sediments
b) biogenous sediments
c) hydrogenous sediments

of organic origin; made by organisms
a) terrigenous sediments
b) biogenous sediments
c) hydrogenous sediments

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