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The mid-ocean ridges are recognized as:
a) subduction zones
b) transform or later plate boundaries
c) divergent plate boundaries
d) convergent plate boundaries

Which of the following statements does not correctly describe subduction zones?
a) They are belts of deep-focus earthquakes
b) They are sites of crustal plates are diverging or pulling apart
c) They are marked by the presence of deep-sea trenches
d) They are zones where old seafloor descends into the crust and mantle

The youngest seafloor rocks are found:
a) nearest the continental slopes
b) near the rift valleys of the mid-ocean ridges
c) beneath the deep sea trenches
d) evenly distributed over the ocean basins

What is the name of the outermost solid layer of Earth?
a) hydrosphere
b) lithosphere
c) asthenosphere
d) outer core

Life on Earth most probably evolved
a) on land
b) in the ocean
c) in space
d) the sun will and our descendants (if any) will all freeze to death

Earth is about
a) 6,000 years old
b) 4.6 billion years old
c) 4.6 million years old
d) 40 billion years old

The best explanation for the failure to find all sunken ships is that
a) sunken ships cannot be found in very deep water
b) the technology to find ships is too primitive
c) the ocean is too vast and largely unexplored
d) sunken ships completely decay underwater

The world ocean
a) plays a minor role in the weather and shape of landmasses of Earth
b) does not influence the way organisms live on land
c) is the dominant feature of Earth and most of its living organisms
d) is a common occurrence in the known universe

If hope exists for solution to environmental problems, it lies in
a) education

About what percentage of Earth's surface is covered by water?
a) 71%
b) 90%
c) 66%
d) 75%

The ozone layer is important because
a) it shields us from dangerous X-rays from the sun
b) it keeps the Earth warm in the coldness of space
c) ozone is important plant nutrient, especially critical to diatom growth
d) it shields us and other organisms from ultraviolet radiation from the sun

The most dangerous threat to the marine environment, overall, is probably
a) human population growth
b) refined oil spills
c) solid waste and synthetic pesticides
d) excessive greenhouse heating

What accounts for most of the total value of world trade transported by sea?
a) passengers
b) finished goods
c) oil
d) grain

The only marine energy source being successfully exploited on a large scale is:
a) tidal currents
b) waves
c) salinity differences
d) thermal gradients

The best fishing grounds are located
a) in the middle of the open ocean
b) in temperate waters over continental shelves
c) in tropical waters of the deep sea
d) anywhere, because fish are migratory

All of the following resources are recovered from seawater except:
a) bromine
b) freshwater
c) salt
d) manganese nodules

Which of the followings statements applies to resources from the sea?
a) They are easier to recover than from the land
b) They are usually found in concentrated ores
c) They are in greater variety than minerals on land
d) They are less expensive to recover than from land

The sediments that covers the greatest area of seabed
a) terrigenous sediments
b) biogenous sediments
c) hydrogenous sediments

The most abundant sediment in the ocean
a) terrigenous sediments
b) biogenous sediments
c) hydrogenous sediments

Generated in place, on the spot where we find them
a) terrigenous sediments
b) biogenous sediments
c) hydrogenous sediments

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